How to Boost your Google My Business Listing


So you are all done with your Google My Business Listing but then still can’t see any results as such. This blog will help you to understand the necessities required for search engine visibility. It’s a big challenge to get results when Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are concerned. So it’s always a good practice to keep your listings updated like correct address, phone details, store hours and so on. Sometimes very simple things could bring a twist to your Google My Business Listing and could make a difference globally.

Address Accuracy
Well, you have updated your store address perfectly but check if it follows recognized guidelines. Any non-uniformity could have a bad affect in search result. Always follow the guidelines of acceptable formatting of address laid out by your country.

Geocode Specification
Google My Business Listing generates geocodes to locate your store in Google Maps. So it’s very important to ensure your listing has precise geocodes which would help your customer find your store easily. Undoubtedly at times it becomes very difficult to search your business in a metropolitan area. So be extra mindful on this factor.

Listing Categories
Google has a smart algorithm which helps to give the best result closely aligned with customer queries. With each update the listing visibility become more relevant. So it’s very important to be precise with your listing categories. Do not make over broad categories but provide accurate characteristics of your business to get better results.

Review Response
More reviews you have more the exposure of your business gets. Encourage your customer to leave a feedback regarding your business service or product at Google My Business Listing. Sometimes negative feedback could leave a bad reputation for your business. So it’s always better to response to both positive and negative reviews to share your views towards the customers. This would definitely improve your listing.

Create Content
Always try to engage your customer with new materials. Share content related to your business which is a great way to boost your local page ranking. Make use of Google Posts which allows publishing events, promotions which directly updates Google Search and Google Maps.

Upload Images
Many stores neglects or avoids uploading images in their Google My Business Listing. A relevant image upload will help the customers on their online search. Customers do like to view product images, store design, signage and so on before visiting a business. Uploading relevant images might have massive effect on your local ranking.

Always remember every bit helps for any business growth. Do not avoid these guidelines to get a good result in Google My Business Listing. If you are running a website and would like to boost your online presence you can always contact us for Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing and would be happy to help you.

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