Payment Gateway Integration for eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce as a trend has being in the rise for few years now. Various industrial experts have started ringing bells about its downfall for quiet sometime. We find it surprising and rather feel, it will only enlarge and diversify in various other types of products and services. Industries like groceries, retail items, cosmetics and utensils, wine and alcohol as some notable example and will only increase exponentially with the recharge sector – be it mobile recharge , DTH recharge or Bill Payments for day to day items. As it diversifies into this other streams the payment gateway integration for thiseCommerce websites will be of extreme importance.

Websys ,a leader in the eCommerce website segment for 12 to 13 years has experience in working with numerous payment gateways. Some of the well known payment gateways include but not limited to are Paypal, Paypal Pro, CC Avenue, PayU Money, PayTM,, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, BillDesk, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank gateway and many more. We have also worked for payment gateway for high risk merchants such as dating websites, adult websites, customer tech support and so on. Our expertise in working with these payment gateways over the years has grown as the types of websites have different needs. One of the latest payment gateways , for example….. we have worked for is Atom Technologies, which offers EMI facilities. PayTM , CCAvenue and different gateways also offers payment using mobile wallet.

Some of the important aspects WEBSYS , as a experienced eCommerce consultant can help you with are –

  1. How to open a 3rd Party Payment Gateway account
  2. What are the Pros & Cons of the different types of Payment gateways available
  3. Comparison between Bank based gateway  Vis-à-vis 3rd Party Payment Gateway
  4. Documents required by a 3rd party PG
  5. How to submit documents and common issues faced
  6. Common issues faced during testing and production deployment
  7. and many many more … !!

Our experience in working with all these numerous gateways has been for diverse type of websites – be it regular Consumer Electronics seller , Saree and Apparels , Books , Cosmetics, Grocery and perishable items, Jewellery , Medicine , Service and Consultancy and Donation . If you are looking for a service provider / vendor to help you with Payment Gateway integration for your website , drop us a line at 91-9831157136 or shoot a email to and we will be glad to help you out with proper guidance and a estimation.

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