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Various academic institutions has taken up the initiative to reach out to students over the internet . Large number of portals have increased listing the Colleges, Universities with their courses, many websites have been built providing Examination Alerts and Educational institutions have also understood the need for upgrading their websites to be more modern – student friendly with options to Download and fill up Application forms and make payment – but guidance and dissemination of proper curriculum based learning was lacking. But recently, it has been noticed that there is a huge demand for online tutorial websites and online examination websites. The gap between the teacher and the student is now becoming smaller.

Now-a-days there are many students who prepare themselves for various competitive exams to have a secured future in a government job. Exams like PO Clerk, Railways, UPSC, Defence, SSC, PSC and many more gives an opportunity to qualify and get a secured job if selected. Now, to cross these exams are never an easy task. Here comes such online tutorial websites or online examination websites where they get the students prepared in the structure , offer multiple Mock Tests to understand the feel and practise. There are many rules of these competitive exams like negative marking, multiple choice questions, reasoning, calculation and many more. Now such online tutorial websites or online coaching classes’ websites provides with all these features that required preparing for such exams. Even results are shown after exams just to have an idea of the marks scored by an individual. Not only this, but graphically it is also demonstrated about the performance as for which subject an individual has done better or not. That gives an idea to an individual to understand their weaknesses.

Websys, of recent has incorporated such features for couple of such websites which includes Excellent Tutorial, RP Coaching Centre and Gurudev Academy. While most of these websites require more or less similar functionality , but often we are also requested to make customizations for each client. While it is true that many of these websites are being developed for commercial reasons i.e. earning payment against Online Tutoring , we have also the good fortune to develop a website for a department of  IIM Joka , who has employed us to develop their portal which will be entirely free – and it will be creating a bridge between under privileged children and Old aged seniors.

The Online Examination websites we have worked upon typically come with features like –

  1. Website Admin Panel for Site Owner / Administrator
  2. Dashboard for Students to login and view past scores
  3. Admin can create Multiple questions and question sets and set exams
  4. Exams can contain multiple divisions / subjects
  5. Time based exams with restictions
  6. Negative / positive markings with restrictions to take same exam twice
  7. Practise exams which can be taken multiple times
  8. Online Payment facilities
  9. View charts of historical data for further analysis
  10. Customized features as necessary

If you are a coaching class or a Tutorial , looking to create your own customized Online Examination website , or are interested in offering Video Classes as well , you can contact us at or 91-9831157136 .

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