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January 15, 2014
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April 29, 2014

Art Gallery Website Design Kolkata

If you are an artist or deal with art, painting, photography etc, and want to design a website view our past clients websites and contact WEBSYS today at 9831157136 or

Website design is a creative art and what could be better than getting a project to do web design for an art gallery. WEBSYS is a reputable web design company having past experience and credentials of developing websites for multiple art galleries and online art gallery websites.

When AmittArt wanted us to make their official website, they wanted a fully dynamic one. For Amitt Art, Websys has developed customized art gallery CMS. The art gallery CMS comes with backend with features to create multiple categories based on date as well as event. It further has the option to upload of painting and sculptures with with attributes like various sizes, mediums, prices and so on. The customized CMS has a backend facility to view orders and registered customers. We have also created a shopping cart front end where the customers can view the paintings categorywise. Apart from this , the website also describes about the artistes behind the gallery , and various informative pages.

We have also in past designed website for an online art gallery called Global Art Contact which had certain unique feature of its own . IN this website , artists from different parts of the globe could join and add their artwork . And buyers could search for art collections based on their choice of artiste or locality as well .

If you are an artist or deal with art, painting, photography etc, and want to design a website then you are on the right place. To get more information on how to start, you can directly contact us at 9831157136 or email us at

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