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For the past couple of months we at Websys, a web development and design company have been really busy. There were lot of new projects assigned to us and as a team we have crossed the milestones of each project. Its always a great feel when we could satisy our clients needs and requirements. Though there were lots of hurdles to cross yet at the end of the day we completed each project with 100% success rate. To mention few of such projects the first one which strikes my mind is Sourenee Tea Estate. The company is situated in Darjeeling and grows quality tea leaf for health conscious tea drinkers. The second project I would like to mention is about Jaypee Engineering  and Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd. The company marks excellence in the field Hydraulic Material Handling Equipments in India. It was a great privelege for us to work for them. Last but not least, we also enjoyed working with Alextoby Health Clinic. The clinic has the facility of complete health check-up under one roof.


As you all can see that we were so busy for last few month that almost we had any time to update our own website. Still we have managed to take out some time from our busy schedule and updated few of our Design Portfolio Pages and Template Design Portfolio pages. Check out our pages and let us know how you liked it.


Design Portfolio Pages

  1. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-3/
  2. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-4/
  3. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-5/
  4. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-6/
  5. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-7/
  6. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-8/
  7. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-9/
  8. http://www.websys.co.in/website-design-portfolio-10/


Template Design Portfolio Pages

  1. http://www.websys.co.in/template-design-portfolio/
  2. http://www.websys.co.in/template-design-portfolio-2/
  3. http://www.websys.co.in/template-design-portfolio-3/
  4. http://www.websys.co.in/template-design-portfolio-4/
  5. http://www.websys.co.in/template-design-portfolio-5/
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