Web Development for SangSaptak

SangSaptak is a company that deals with soft school training to that special edge with the right blend of attitude and character to anchor one self in this competitive world. The vison of the company is to increase the value of the human resources of its clients through effective training and practice.

Websys, being one of the leading web development companies in India has completed the web designing and web development for SangSaptak. It was a nice experience to work for the company. SangSaptak is a dynamic website. We have made the look and feel of the website very simple so that it does not confuse the users to find out the information they are looking for. The entire design of the website has been done in html. There is a special Twto feature integrated in the website which could be controlled by the admin. The Twto feature in the home page is kept dynamic. With the use of this Twto feature, multiple scroll-by quotes could be displayed in different pages. The admin have a full control of the Twto and could easily change the quotes. Not only this, the admin can write down the quotes and schedule in advance to be displayed.

We are thankful to SangSaptka for trusting on our ability. We from Websys team wish SangSaptak all the best so that the company could achieve a great success in future.

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