Google Launched Voice Search

Google recently added a new feature called Google Voice Search for Google Chrome. Google launced this feature to let users conduct internet searches hands-free by using the sound of their voice. The search engine giant unveiled the new feature on June 16 in San Francisco which are designed to speed up web searches. Search on the desktop, also known as “search out loud,” is rolling out gradually to all U.S. English language search users using Chrome 11 and later versions. Google continues to fine-tune its speech recognition technology, which is growing in popularity. Its English Voice Search system now uses 230 billion words from actual user queries, allowing it to better recognize phrases people are likely to say, the company says.

It’s easy to use the Google Voice Search feature. All you need is Google Chrome and a built-in fone or attached microphone. When you go to, you’ll see a microphone icon in the far right corner of the search box. Click it and speak your query. Voice search is useful for lengthy queries and for words that are hard to spell. Google’s voice search traffic has risen six-fold in the past year, an increase that speaks to the popularity of speech recognition on mobile devices. It will be interesting to see if desktop and laptop PC users show the same enthusiasm for voice input.

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    John 10 years

    Do you really think its going to be successful because we all have different accent of speaking.

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