Mobile Apps Declines Web Usage

Recently, a report claimed that consumers are using more mobile apps than web. Interestingly the statement itself is very contradictory that the mobile apps are killing the web, as the bulk of mobile apps rely on the web to function. According to a stats consumer spend 81 minutes per day using mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes of web surfing. The shift comes as combined tablet and smart phone shipments eclipsed those of desktops and notebooks for the first time. The report found that the growth in mobile app usage came mostly from more sessions per user, rather than longer sessions overall.

Mobile apps sessions are mostly consumed by the usage of games and social media, which took 47% and 32% of the total amount of time used for such apps. It’s of no doubt that the mobile apps would decline if Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube apps get omitted. Without social media sites, mobile app use would likely be less than half of what it is today.

I personally feel since mobiles have many more functionalities and could be used anywhere. That is one of the major reason for such rise in mobile apps usage. For example, if you notice a thief you can take a quick picture. You are on the top of a mountain or in a forest – you can use GPS . If you do not have a pen or paper, you can still note down important conversation. Mobiles are such devices that are carried everywhere and anywhere. You won’t expect to carry a laptop in a wedding party just to give updates of the wedding party at regular intervals.

What you guys feel? Is the web usage will gradually decline in near future compared to mobile apps? Post your valuable comments here.

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