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Multi ligual website design and development for Sunny Solar Tec

Multi Lingual Website design and development offers benefits for product owners and business’ that target customers overseas. Especially websites which contain variety of products and product information, company information – offering your content on your prospective visitors local language would give your website an extra edge , showcasing usability for the website visitor.
Just recently we completed the work for such a website , where we have developed a Content Management System (CMS) that allows the website administrator to display his website in languages like : French , Japanese, Spanish, German and English as well . As of current stage , the the website development has just finished. The pages have been designed and also the backend product management section has been displayed to the client. You can view their website here : Sunny Solar Tec .
sunny solar tec The website for Sunny Solar Tec also features a special flash intro, with a 3D Flash Carousel , which gives an additional beauty . If you find the website attractive or have any suggestions as to what you feel is wrong in it , do let us know . We would love to have your feed back on this multi lingual website.

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