New Button for Google Images

Now, it’s much easier to search for Google images. Google images could be searched by sorting with the subject. Sometimes it is hard to come with the correct words to describe the image. You may not always remember the names of the landmarks of a particular place. For example, when you think of London, you might visualize the iconic clock tower or the big Ferris wheel but not necessarily remember the exact name. But now, Google images sorting have made the work much easier.

When you search for London by default you’ll see image results ranked by relevance. Click on “Sort by subject” in the left-hand panel and you’ll see images organized into categories that will narrow down your search and help you find the exact image of London that you want. Sorting by subject shows that some of the most popular images associated with London are the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the city at night. You can also use this feature to explore categories of a general topic that may be easier to learn about visually, like flower varieties or dog breeds. For example, if you want to get flowers for someone but you only know what their favorite kind looks like, not the name of it, you can sort by subject to learn different flower types and discover the name of the type you’re looking for.

Google images with sorting will be rolling out globally to nearly every domain and language over the next week. Now, even if you don’t have the exact words to describe it sort by subject can help you find the image you need.

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