Page Rank Lost Value for SEO

Google PageRank is a topic that had a long debate both amongst professional search engine specialists and ‘ordinary people’. Many agrees to the fact that PageRank is a measurement and was only useful in the past, while others point out the value that PageRank continues to have in the field of SEO. But the fact is, PageRank is just a number showing up in the Google Toolbar, informing you about the global value that a page might have (or had) as seen by Google.

Google Employee, Webmaster Tools Analyst, Susan Moskwa says “We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true. We removed it because we felt it was silly to tell people not to think about it, but then to show them the data, implying that they should look at it.”

In my opinion, why would you worry about a mythical number that may or may not influence your rankings? Instead it’s better to focus on what you can change to increase your website traffic by attracting visitors.

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    One thing must not be forgotten that SEO is not the ultimate result it’s an effective way only to increase the ROI. Though page rank has nothing to do with search engine ranking but the it still shows the amount of trust that users and other domains are having on it. That’s the reason ORKUT is having a PR 8 while the newbie FACEBOOK is having PR 10.

    So i think it still should not be ignored as a trust parameter

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