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We all love to go for holiday tours whenever we get vacations. Whether it’s a summer or winter vacation we make sure that we select the best place for our tour that fits our budget. Today, internet is the biggest platform where anything or everything can be searched at finger tips. With the growth of Facebook Pages, many hotels and airlines are creating their business pages and offering great discounts for flights, complimentary food in hotels and so on to attract the visitors.

Here are few practices for travel and tourism brands on Facebook to help attracting more visitors and secure more reservations.

Brag About Your Brand
Facebook have various ways where you can showcase your band’s strength. Custom landing pages are of utmost important. It helps the visitors to know what’s new with the company. So selecting the right landing page helps attracting more visitors.

Contests and Giveaways
Everyone loves winning, so give your fans something to win. Whether it’s a free flight, a free night at a hotel, a discount or free miles on an airline or hotel credit card, contests are a great way to engage your community. Asking fans to submit things as part of a contest entry from photos to video is a good practice.

Diversify Your Content
Status updates are great, but you should also provide a mix of content to keep your audience engaged. Try mixing it up with videos, photos, reviews of the hotel and of restaurants within the hotel (from sites like Yelp), as well as travel tips and exciting updates from the brand.

Offer Booking On Facebook
Consumers want travel plan to be easy. Facilitate your customer to book their travel on Facebook only so that they do not leave your page and go elsewhere to find. Brands like W Hotels and Delta Airlines do it, and the booking module is usually located on the main landing page. The most effective marketing happens at point-of-sale, so if you can make a hard sell on a decked out Page, you’ll want your consumers to be able to make their reservation without batting an eye. Embedding a booking widget can make that happen.

Have Eye-Catching Photography
Whether people are traveling for work or play, it’s nice to be around beautiful scenery. Show consumers what a stay at your hotel would offer — spa rooms, pools, beaches, wildlife, local sights, fancy restaurants — and use excellent photographers to make it irresistible. Great photography is also effective for airlines, which can highlight the scenery in various destinations.

If you need some more tips for your travel brands, lets us know in the comments. We would be glad to help you.

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