Facebook Send Button: Newly Released

Facebook recently released a new button which allows users to share things to selected people other than sharing to anybody or everybody.

The new Send button pops up a small email blank with a drop-down address bar that automatically suggests users you’ve recently connected with on Facebook. You can override this by typing in a name, an email address or a Facebook group name.

This is a good feature. Often there are many things noticed which is always preferred to forward to a select group and not with everyone. The bad part of this button is, it doesn’t work with Lists but only Groups. It is good for those who have Groups for family or clubs and this button might actually encourage people to create more groups.
Facebook will be providing Insights on the Send button in the near future so you’ll be able to see if it’s working for you.

  • Lilli Decaen

    Stunning stuff..I was on the lookout for this for many days now.Good job done.

  • D

    Thank God – I don’t have to share things with everyone! 🙂

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