Social Media – Not a Place for Product Reviews

If you are interested to buy a product online, then it is sure that you will go online to research on that particular product you are interested in. People look for everything or anything online these days specially high-tech items, clothing, cars and even DVDs and CDs. But the question arises is that where in internet do people look for information?

Of very recent it’s been noticed through a survey that social networking lands at the bottom list where product review is concerned. According to me the problem here is not the results but in the question. Though I agree that people does not go to social media to research a product, because it’s not made for that.

On the other hand if I am on Facebook and notice that a friend of mine is excited about a new book, I may go and find the book on Amazon and might buy it. In effect, I have been influenced by a review on social media. Though, the reverse is also true. If my friend has a negative experience with an airline, I might think couple of times before booking a flight in the near future.

So, I just think we need to be careful about viewing social media as the be-all solution for marketers. Social media may be your favorite tool, but it’s not always the best one for the job.

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    Social media marketing SMM social media web site optimization SMO and word of mouth marketing WOMM are new forms of social interactive marketing that are increasingly taking control over brands the marketing message and advertising away from the business owner and online marketer and putting it in the hands of the consumer. They have created a new marketing and advertising order where the goal is to partner with the consumers or customers so that they may interact with or call attention to products or services… On top of this marketers have to deal with the fact that consumers have become more skeptical about traditional advertising and rely more and more on friends colleagues and peers for product and service recommendations…

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