Best URL Shorteners for SEO

Over the last few months there’s been lot of discussion on URL shorteners and its impact over SEO. But finally, Google officially confirmed that links value through URL shorteners is preserved as Google treats then equal to a 301 permanent redirect.
URL shorteners are mostly used for link building through social media which is more importantly to have a long term benefits from SEO perspective.
So keeping this in mind, here are the best URL shortening services for SEO:
This URL shortener is direct from Google and are always 301 (permanent) redirect making it fast, secure and perfect for SEO. It also provides a great range of stats about the clicker. Google automatically removes spam links from its database, so it’s building trust from users.

TinyURL is one of the most popular URL shorteners available. It is the default shortener for many social media tools such as Twitter. While Tiny URL doesn’t provide click stats, it does allow you to customize your URL e.g change to has been around for a while and is aloes one of the trusted defaults shorteners for many tools. It offers a simple one click shortening service with a simple URL tracking feature. This means you can now track shortened URLs by just placing a ‘+’ after the URL. And it also provides URL customization.

There are many of such URL shorteners. Now select wisely and ensure you pick the URL shortener that’s going to ensure your SEO efforts are not undone.

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