Google Introduces ‘+1’ Button

Google recently included one more new feature to get more information from people you know. Google launched ‘+1’, a small button alongside links in search results and an easy way for Google users to recommend your content, right from the search results pages. In other words, its Google’s answer to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. All you have to do is click +1 button on a webpage or ad if you find helpful. This +1 button will then start appearing in Google’s search results.

Eventually, Google says, we’ll see the +1 buttons on non-Google sites–perhaps alongside the Facebook ‘like’ buttons on news stories. But for now, they’re restricted to search result links for users who have specifically opted into the +1 program for the time being.

How it works?

+1 is a simple idea. Let’s use Tom for example When Tom logs in to his Google Account and sees one of your pages in the organic search results on Google, he can click on +1 button and recommend your page globally. The next time Tom’s friend Liza is logged in and searching on Google and your page appears, she might see a personalized notification letting her know that Tom has clicked the +1 button. So Tom’s +1 click helps Liza decide that your site is worth checking out. As a result, +1 button could increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to the sites people care about.

We the Websys Team are excited and confident about using +1 button to make search more personal and relevant. We hope you’re excited too to use the feature! If you have queries related to the +1 button and how it affects search on, you can check the Google Webmaster Central Help Center.

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    i don’t think, this will going to help users a lot. Even we can’t compare facebook with google as both are of different genre.

    Google deals with billions of search queries on daily basis. Now referring to your example, in facebook when Tom share or like something (say any link)then Liza(Tom’s friend) is bound to have that on her wall. But in Google SERP if Tom and LIza search for same queries(whose probability will be 1/a billion) then only Liza can have the +1 advantage as referral.

    So in such a situation i really doubt +1 is going to help Google as like is doing for Facebook

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