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Websys , SEO services company in India, attains top 10 ranking on Google for software dealers in Kolkata, software kolkata for client website

SEO Case Study –

The year 2011 started extremely good for Websys. The SEO team of Websys has been achieving success at a constant pace. Whether it’s a local SEO or multi-lingual SEO, Websys SEO team has been ready in facing all challenges. <b>Microtech Softwares</b>, a software dealer, is one such name which has been put at the top of search engine rankings by us.  Today’s post is all about sharing with you guys how we achieved the top 10 ranking for Microtech Softwares to add another feather in the Websys SEO team.</div> <div></div> <div id=”>The Company – Microtech Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is a software dealer in Kolkata which targets to bring software products from renowned brands for their clients and offers professional IT Services including Hardware and Software consulting.

Plan of Action – For us in the  Websys SEO department,  many a times the main challenge is to analyze the website to get the best result from SEO perspective. The content regularly plays a vital role to get good search engine rankings. So to write quality content but yet simple and precise was the foremost objective for us. A content developer at Websys researched and put in meaningful content on the site. Based on the discussion with the clients, the Keywords necessary for the website optimization is also incorporated in the website pages. As is a HTML website , we found it quite easy to put in proper optimization efforts , which has resulted in getting the website rank for several lucrative keywords including
Results –

software Kolkata  # 5
software retailers Kolkata  # 3
microsoft software dealers in kolkata  # 2 and # 3

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