10 Tips Promoting Brand In Twitter

Today, Twitter is the most popular and successful micro blogging platform which plays a major role to promote your company and brand. Twitter can be a great avenue of bringing traffic to your website, and interacting with your visitors, readers and customers. But, before sending your first tweet, you should determine the purpose. Your goal is going to determine the type of information you would like to share, what type of followers you want and who you plan on following. There has to be a concrete reason and plan, just like any other marketing tool. If your tweets are focused and relevant then surely you can build your online reputation and brand.

Here are 10 magical tips that you may consider while tweeting which would help in your SEO campaign:

1. Brand Name

Your brand name or username should reflect your site name or services offered as this is what will be mentioned and displayed as your network. The more re-tweets your post’s get, the higher its significance.

2. Profile

Put your website link on your profile page for reference.  Make your bio content relevant and detailed since it’s an informative part of your Twitter. The link that you display in your twitter profile, point it to a relevant page of your website.

3. Links

Accompany your links with effective keywords since Google now displaying, tweets in SERPs even being nofollow. So putting your links on your posts would be an added advantage in your link building activities.

4. Hash Tags

It’s a feature that works like a Meta data for your tweets. Here are some examples of Tweets with “#” symbol like “#seo” or “#design and so on. Such hash tags helps in organizing tweets determining the trendy information on Twitter.

5. Mentions

If you need to mention any user in Twitter, put “@” sign before their usernames. It is like a re-tweet effect and the more your account is re-tweeted, the higher your relevance. So do not forget to put “@” sign before other usernames whenever you tweet or re-tweet other users.

6. Be a Help to Others

Do not re-tweet everything and anything that comes in your way. It would be considered as spam. Re-tweeting post that are of the same niche will help you to build your brand and promote your services. Re-tweets help your followers to come across some good links to view.

7. Tweet Interval

Do not post bulk tweets to annoy your followers. Post your tweets through out the day with regular intervals.

8. Blog Site

Promote your company blog is a good option. A blog can provide a good amount of information to your visitors which would help to interact with your followers via comments and also giving the option to re-tweet your blog.

9. Twitter Button

A twitter button in your website is of great importance. It helps to share pages easier.

10. Build your Online Brand

An effective twitter account will not only just help you in SEO but also helps to build new connections and increase visibility of your company and brand.

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