Updated Facebook Photo Viewer

People love to share their photos amongst friends, family and loved ones. We all love to see our loved ones photo which brings us happiness and sometimes the best news of the day. We all post different types of photos whether it be a new haircut style or a newborn baby. Today, Facebook being a social media giant had taken a step further to improve the quality of the photo product on the web.

When Facebook got started with photo uploads they had less features. The main objective they focused was to make sure that the photos are easily shared along with a hassle free upload. But now, Facebook implemented three big improvements to photos. Firstly it has a high resolution image now which would help you to store bigger images than before. Secondly, a better viewer for browsing photos, which makes it simpler and faster to navigate photos. Last but not least, a simple uploader with easier tagging. Apart from this, viewing a photo has become much easier. When you click any photo then that particular photo opens in a light box along with the comments below with the previous and next button to move to and fro of that particular album photos. After finishing viewing when you close the light box it returns back to the same place from where you have started viewing the photo. So the navigation of photo viewing has become much easier than before.

Now, you can experience the best photo sharing on web through Facebook. At the same time, you can browse more photos much faster than before without loosing your place on Facebook. If you would like to know more about using the Photo Viewer then do visit the Help Center.

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