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December 31, 2010
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February 10, 2011

Multilingual SEO


Multilingual SEO or International SEO means Search Engine Optimization services for websites created using Foreign languages, Languages other than English, which is the most widely used on the Internet. Without going into a debate against statistical people, who might come and say there are way more Chinese websites or Russian websites or Spanish websites, I think it is more safe to say that English based websites are more popular and often more competitive to rank on Search Engines .

multi-lingual-seoAs a local SEO provider from Kolkata, India we have a lot of clients who like to rank their websites for local clients and have their websites in English and not Bengali or Hindi. As a SEO service provider we also have a lot of customers from UK, USA, Australia etc. who evidently hire us for getting their websites top 10 rank on or . But as a progressive and professional Internet marketing company, we take it as a exciting challenge and love when we get website owners who want us to rank their foreign language based website made in Italian, or French or Turkish .

In the past 2 months, our team of SEO experts have been working diligently on such an Italian language based website. Having a co-operative webmaster to liaison with, we were able to work out proper translations for their website content / copy. In the initial few weeks, we ironed out a few issues with keyword placements and proper density. Following it up with some dedicated link building and a well built linking structure, I am happy to proclaim that we have managed to not only achieve ranks such as 1, 2, 2, 6, 3, 9 the site also has been given Google Authority on a term.


  1. antonio says:

    Wishing for your success for promoting and optimizing multilingual websites by overcoming language barrier.

  2. Rajesh Das says:

    I interested of SEO contact me.

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