Loving your own website – Part I

loving your website
Are you a website owner ? Have you paid money to get your website built or website developed previously ? Here are few things you must remember to do , if you have not done already. The tips are nothing new and not very hard to do . All that is required is that your website is your own property , which can only work wonders if you want it to . This is the Part 1 of our discussion on Loving your Website. We would love to have your feedback through comments here.

Your website involves 3 primary factors –

  1. The domain name
  2. The server where it is uploaded,
  3. The webpages – html , php , asp and if any database exists

Domain Name – is the least costly part of your website , but by real value , it is of much higher. Once your website design is complete, and uploaded , all your visitors will know it by this name. Your site will be promoted using this url and it might be also printed on all your stationery , online and offline and media advertisements. As the legal owner of the Domain Name, remember to ensure that the Domain is Registered in your own name. The Technical Contact can be your Domain Name Service provider or website Designer, but the Registrant and Administrative or Billing Contact should always be you. So that , you are able to always gain access to it , if necessary for Legal issues, for Selling it , For changing your web design or Hosting company .

When a domain name is registered, an email is always generated which includes the URL where the domain name can be administered, along with the username and password. Request this email , if you have not received it already. Once you have this, check inside the Admin Panel for the Domain Name if there is an option to LOCK the domain name or Apply Theft Protection. This is an option , which prevents inadvertent transfer of Domain Name from your control.

As mentioned before, also ensure that you are mentioned as the Billing Contact as well , as some Domain Registration companies send online mailers only reminding you of a Pending payment, and do not call you personally . If you get a Payment reminder, try to make this payment well before the Domain’s expiry date. Because once a domain gets expired, you not only are at risk of loosing the name , you would not be able to get the domain renewed by another provider different than the current one.

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  • comment-avatar
    Christi Woltz 12 years

    In most of the cases clients build their websites and after few months they leave it as usual, assuming that they have done enough.

    But instead they should maintain a steady flow updating their websites so as to make more user engagement.

  • comment-avatar
    steven 12 years

    Nice information indeed. Seems that you have a sound knowledge on domain hosting and regulating it properly.
    I just like to ask that if someone has to alter billing address then what could be the best way.

  • comment-avatar
    Rajnish 12 years

    Thanks for the information. But I trust my web designer , and I don’t have time for learning all this .

  • comment-avatar

    Hi steven ,
    You can alter your billing address using your Domain Registration Control Panel. Most domain name providers and resellers have customer control panels. Once logged in, look for Modify Contact Information sub menu.

  • comment-avatar
    steven 12 years

    @Websys Thanks for providing the information regarding changing billing address.

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