10 tips for promoting your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are very important for current internet marketing . If you are not using, create today. Read on for more tips on how to promote your Facebook page.

Social Promotion using Facebook pages is of extreme importance in today’s world. If you are not doing it yet, read on for 10 simple tips which will help you get ready. Whether Facebook is the New Google or not , that can remain discussion for quite some time. Some of you may even suggest that what you sell – be it products or service or provide voluntarily time (such as NGO’s), does not have websites. Facebook being a Internet platform , how would it cater to to your visitors . The answer is simple – Facebook allows Any and every organisation, Individual or Website alike – to create their own page on Facebook.com , and provide all your information – service related, Images or Videos and Special Offers. It is important to note, that Facebook does not take into count how well someone’s website ranks on Google or Bing or Yahoo . On the contrary they have their Own system , you may have seen already , called LIKE . The more , any page of an artist , for example , has Fans and LIKE’s – the more probability it has to get more fans.

So how do you get your Facebook page promoted in order to get more Facebook users to LIKE you ? Here are 10 very simple tips .
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  1. Building your Facebook is easy – nothing difficult . But people are more likely to like your Page based on the information you have provided in it . Try to complete the basic information . Empty pages created for fun will probably get some of your friends because they like you as a person , but that is bound to fizzle out very soon.
  2. Send suggestion to all your Facebook friends and Invite friends and relatives or colleagues who have not yet joined Facebook yet ( yes , some people still have not ) . I know my dad’s colleagues are not yet on Facebook . If I am the person inviting them to join Facebook , these people are sure to LIKE my page. It could be your dad or your aunt or anyone in the family . The point behind this is , if you are not doing it , someone else in the family will , and you will be loosing out . The way Facebook and Twitter is growing , very soon many non-internet savvy people people will be devoted Facebook users etc.
  3. If you have a website , even though it is a very informative website , and with excellent designs , which will not be possible to show on a Facebook page, put a Facebook Page Badge or Facebook LIKE button , so that your website visitors are allowed to connect with you on Facebook. If you think this is distracting your website visitors or taking them away, think of it this way . Any website visitor is not personally identifiable until and unless they become your customers or send an enquiry . Whereas with Facebook Like , they remain connected with you and you as the admin of your Facebook page , can keep knowing them personally and send them updates on your service or news from time to time. So get a badge on your Website or Blog .
  4. Include Links to your Facebook Page anywhere you can – the best way to start is in your email signature . If you are an organisation with multiple employees , like we are , enforce a rule to ensure that all employees add the company social media links to their signatures in official email . If you print visiting cards or letterheads and brochures or have digital pdf brochures, remember to print the short Facebook page url on it . If you do not know or are not aware how to generate a short url for your Facebook page , which usually is like this http://www.facebook.com/pages/Websys-Web-Development-Company-India/241756730967 . To change this to a short url which is easily remembered and easily printed , login to Facebook and go to http://www.facebook.com/username . This will allow you to create a short and unique shortname , but only once.
  5. Create a Welcome tab for first time visitors . Using Facebook generated code (FBML) , you can insert a simple graphic image, which request your users to LIKE your page .You can see How we have done it , as an example Here – http://www.facebook.com/webdesignkolkata . I would also suggest that you give a brief intro what your visitors will find in the other tabs.
  6. Welcome to Websys India Facebook pagePost updates linking to your Facebook Page , for promotion and use tagging , which is very simple . When you post status Updates , you can use the @<pagename> along with other friends of yours who are not necessarily Fans of your page.
  7. Use traditional email marketing and run Fans only Contest . If you have a noteworthy Blog , or Forum or any page which already generates high traffic , mention that you will be running a Facebook Fans only Contest . Every member who likes your Page on Facebook would be eligible for a special offer related to your business. If you are a Gift shop owner , you can give a Gift Item , if you are a Lawyer , you would be giving a consultation , if you are a Logo Designer , you will create a custom Logo for free.
  8. Create a large Facebook Like button and post it somewhere visible on your website or mailer . If you do not have a website , put the SMS code to like your page on your traditional mailer .Send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” OR “like yourusername” (without the quotes).
  9. Drive your customers to a custom Thank you page , which displays your Facebook Page , Twitter , Blog etc . Customers who have paid you are likely to be your fans easily .
  10. Advertise on Facebook. Surely it is not an cheap method , but it is a great way to reach out to more Facebook users than any . With paid advertisements, you also manage to harness much more insight and demographic information about which users are liking your page and which are not . This in turn will help you drive more visitors to fans .


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    Rahul 10 years

    I found your post quite informative. But personally i think that embedding facebook like button over your website where you are providing niche information is more likely to have more hits.

    If you don’t have any website then share your page link among like minded people which can be find in relevant pages.

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    Chiranjeev 10 years

    Hey, thanks for the nice post .

  • comment-avatar
    Anta Klein 10 years

    From my experience, for proper facebook promotion one needs to have a website. As in a website we do have an option to provide datail information in as interactive way as we like.

  • comment-avatar
    Christi Woltz 10 years

    On more thing can be done is building facebook applications. Building simple facebook application is quite easy these days which can be an interactive one that can gain user’s interest.

  • comment-avatar
    Martin William 10 years

    Nice article…….liked it.Thanks for sharing………

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