Mant – Website Redesign

MANT is a NGO for whom WEBSYS has designed and developed their new website using Wordpress CMS platform.

Mant is a government registered NGO, working towards the immense suffering of the marginalized section of the society. Generally, to reach out to the donors and volunteers, the organization takes help of website. The organization already had its own website. They wanted us to re-design the website and to do the website maintenance work for them.

According to their needs, we re-designed the website and developed it using CMS (content management system). Since they already had a website the text matter was re-used. But then they were lacking on activities and on image galleries part, so they wanted us to focus on it which took a bit time to get all the data since as a NGO they had to collect the data from their different branches. We are really grateful to the coordinator who was very helpful. At regular intervals they gave time to our designers so that the work could be progressed successfully.

The main intention of the organization to re-design the website is to bring a modern look and feel from the old one. So to add some more to it, we added social networking icons anchored with respective id’s has been incorporated on the website. Since social networking plays an important role on website promotion, it’s just an added feature that helps the organization promote their website and their work for the society.

Mant Logo

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