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Some of the well known video streaming platforms have been really excellent choices for video SEO because of their exposure, their allowance on meta data feed and not to be forgetten their highly intelligent automatic sitemap integration capabilities and a few more. Some are okay and a few are exceptionally good, while a handfull are there whereby if you want to optimize video for your website, you would find no option but to cross them off the list. Unfortunately, Viddler is one of those video streaming and hosting platforms that hardly work out well when it comes to video optimization. Viddler is one the nicest platforms I have ever come across, because of many advantages like clearer clips, lower buffer time, than some of its competitors. All the more Viddler has been uniquely designed to come up with highly demanding features like video commenting capabilities, downloading feature at same resolution and clearance etc. Viddler offers some excellent values to the business by offering solutions like custom logo at $100 per month for the “Business” version or commercial license. But even after providing with all these exceptional features, Viddler does not work at all if you are planning to optimize it for getting video search results for your business website site. Since you cannot optimize Viddler video embeds on your own website, you may want to spare a second thought about whether the unique features of viddler are really worthy enough to buy them at $100 per month. What does it actually mean when I say you cannot optimize Viddler video embeds? Well, if you have studies well, I am sure you you have noticed Viddler.com itself does show up very well in Google video and universal search results. But no search engine including Google has ever shown up videos embedded from Viddler for the domains that have embedded Viddler code. I am talking about the ability of the viddler users who embed viddler video in their web pages and want to optimize the videos with a hope that the search engine will show up videos embedded from Viddler for the web pages having Viddler video embedded. So why does this happen? Technical reason is involved! Viddler has blocked the search engine bots from accessing the player using robots.txt on their CDN. which resists the search engines to crawl or index the Uniform Resource Locators of Viddler players. If you have to do VSEO for your website, viddler is yet not a wise option to pick.

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