Social Networking and Google

facebook versus googleFacebook is being considered by many people as the next Internet superpower and dethrone Google. In view of that, for Google, social networking is just one part of Google’s overall strategy and hence it does not see Facebook as threat.

Google’s chief financial officer Patrick Pichette recently said on Australian public television that “The digital world is exploding and it has so many chapters — it has cloud computing, it has mobile, it does have social networking, it has searches, it has so many elements. Yes, absolutely it will be part of our strategy; yes it will be embedded in many of our products. But at the same time remember social networking is just one chapter of an entire book.” He also mentioned about Google’s great success with Android and repeated Eric Schmidt’s claim of 200,000 new android handsets being activated daily. Finally, Pichette gave his thought on Google as a company. According to him, “The first driving principle of Google is not money — the first driving principle of Google is understanding that the Internet is changing the world.”

Last but not least, the real question to ask is, whether Facebook’s core product being centralized on social networking is more powerful that Google’s core product search.  Taken for granted , people would like to spend time playing games , connecting with people , viewing pictures and making new acquaintance using Facebook , but Google by today’s date , has several interesting avenues – not just search. Gmail is used by a good chunk of the web users, Google Apps has been also able to pick up good amount of Developers , similar to Facebook developers section. Mobile users of Google’s ventures and now even connecting with Television media and radio shows Google’s broad approach .

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