New Feature of Google: Instant Previews – Visual Snapshots to Search Results

Google’s consistent focus on its attempts towards customer satisfaction is really appreciable! Google has ripped off the wrapper of its latest search feature just yesterday, and branded it as “Instant Previews”.

Google has globally rolled out a unique feature at 6 a.m. Eastern Tuesday, November 9, 2010 (just yesterday), letting its users to call up large snapshots of the Web pages that the search results to specific queries are linked to. This is Google’s latest feature to facilitate its huge user base for making better as well as faster choices about which website to click into. The Search Engine giant Google has been improvising the search results in varied ways since its inception. Adding the “Visual Snapshot” feature to its search results has definitely improved the text “snippets” accompanying the website links in the Google search results. The initial rollout will not include mobile searches, but Google is working on the enhancement program, planning to extend the features to smart phone users too.

What is “Instant Previews”?instant previews - web design Kolkata
“Instant previews” are snapshots of Web pages that are stored on the servers of Google. On activation the “Instant Previews” snapshots will show up on the right side of your screen for each site that comes up in the search results to your query. The “Instant Previews” can be activated by clicking on the small magnifying glass showing up to the right of every search-result link. Google users can now instantly view snapshots of web pages that are returned as a result of your query. Now you can see if a page is likely to give you the answer you are looking for.

Ben Gomes, a Google engineer who’s been with Google for 11 years, says that “the new preview has proven to be useful in early testing, making users about 5 percent happier with their search results.” He also said, “This is part of making search more interactive and fun and fluid. What we want to do is give users a hint of what a result page looks like and show them the keywords in the context of that webpage.”

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