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Another day , another website design. WEBSYS as a company strives to offer its very best to all customers. May be this is one of the major reason why today Websys has marked its own identity. Few days back Websys was requested by Imore, which deals with mobile phones, to do the designing and web development for the company.

imore_logo Imore is primarily a retail store which sells Imore mobile phones providing consumers with excellent products and fostering a wide range at lowest price possible. This is the 2nd time , we are working for the company owner , who has been our client as well in the past.

As a website for a mobile phone retail store in Kolkata, the site features numerous product photographs with the phone specifications. Where web development is concerned the entire
website has been programmed by PHP. Though the entire site is static, the entire product section is dynamic,  as per the client’s requirement.

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