Gmail Introduces Priority Inbox

Are you tired of receiving huge amount of emails everyday? Are you just confused what emails to read and what not to? Is it wastage of time for you to sort out the important mails from all the mails you have received? If it is so, then you need not have to worry since the search engine giant Google has come up with Priority Inbox feature and re-invented their gmail inbox structure in a much more organized way which is much easier and faster than before to sort down your inbox emails. Priority Inbox would not only save your time but it would also identify your important incoming emails and would separate them from everything else.

If you want to switch on to Priority Inbox then simply sign in to your gmail account and you will find “New! Priority Inbox” link on the top. When you click on the link it would take couple of seconds to load the new feature. Once it’s done you can view your inbox mails grouped in three different sections: Important and Unread, Starred and Everything else which is a default set up. You may customize it later on the Priority Inbox in Settings. You can now mark your emails clicking on the buttons as “mark as important” or “mark as not important” which you will find on the left panel Move to and Labels drop-down menus with plus and minus icons. Such selection would separate the section of important mails from the unimportant ones and this change will not be surfaced to other users. For example if you mark Tom’s email as “not important” in your inbox it won’t affect how Tom sees the conversation in his inbox.

Priority Inbox used various colors to mark and identify different types of emails. Yellow color is used to mark email that is important and unread, gray color used to mark email is important and read or archived and so on. If you prefer, you can hide these markers from the settings. Last but not least Priority Inbox is not fully available in Gmail on a mobile device. So what you are waiting for? Just load down the Priority Inbox right now and get through your email faster.

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