Google on the way to release the Canary Build of Chrome

New revolution with Google Chrome – the world’s third most popular browser!

The search engine giant Google has launched its latest revolutionary development, called Google Chrome Canary Build, which is the experimental and one of the most technical as well as risky version of the web browser ever. While on the experimentation phase, Google is constantly testing the new features and experimental builds of the browser Google Chrome through the Chrome Dev Channel, which is a part of Google’s open-source Chromium Project. The updation usually takes place in a weekly cycle, although it is not quite fast for the Chrome team of Google in gathering feedbacks.

This is where the role of Canary Build comes to play. Googlers says, “this build will be updated more frequently than the Dev channel, with riskier changes, and usually without a human being ever verifying that it works.” this has been reckoned as the “ultimate experimental version of Chrome”. It is ideal for any web developing company, who wants to help the Chrome team at Google to test the newly developed features and, as Google has put it, “like to live on the bleeding edge.”

Not to be forgotten, a few cautions have been warranted to the Canary Build insofar its limitation is concenred… the worth mentioning of which is that it is available only and only for the users of Windows. The second most problematic point is that it cannot be set as the users’ default browser. If you are one of the few bravest developers to use the Canary Build of Chrome, then I shall be encouraging you to comment here, talking about your experience.

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