Chrome Web Store to be Launched Soon

Google plans on launching Chrome Web Store , a marketplace for HTML 5 app developers

The search engine giant Google planned to have a presence everywhere – starting from TV to gaming, and today it’s became clear that plan includes the upcoming Chrome Web Store.

Earlier this year Google announced the opening of Chrome Web Store during its I/O conference. Google showed a presentation to a room of game developers at the GDC Europe conference. According to the presentation Google showed off the Chrome Web Store, a marketplace for HTML5 apps. The presentation also revealed some new details about Google’s new app store. According to the presentation, the Chrome Web Store is launching in October.

Google Chrome users who find web apps in the store will be able to create convenient shortcuts in Chrome for easy access. Also, developers will have the option to easily sell their apps through the store using a convenient and secure payment system.

Facebook and Apple, Goggle’s two biggest enemy have been threatening Google’s dominance of the web through two distinct platforms, social media and mobile. Facebook on one side shows no signs of stopping which creates a real threat to core search and advertising businesses of Google. On the other side, Apple has already attracted a huge number of developers to its iOS platform and hence products like iAds eating into Google’s profit.

The search engine giant Google is pitching its marketplace as a huge platform for gaming. It’s sure to be a main selling point of Chrome OS, which is supposed to launch later this year. The Chrome Web Store gives Google a path to competing with game consoles through integration with Google TV. It could even become the app platform for the company’s much-rumored Google Me social network.

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