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Case Study and past SEO portfolio of WEBSYS - Jus Novum

The SEO department of Websys has experienced a commendable growth in the last couple of months. With over 29 successful projects in the past 8 months (both Indian and International clients) we have succeeded to put bright curves on our clients’ faces. Malini Chakravorty the admin of Jus Novum – Lawyers Junction is one such name who has praised for the SEO done for their website
Today’s post is about the SEO case study of Jusnovum, which will give an insight of our performance and illustration as a service provider of SEO services India.
The CompanyJus Novum – the Lawers’ Junction, which is a law firm in Kolkata, India offering wide range of legal services under one shade, apart from Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and Law coaching is located in 46/1A, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Kolkata- 700032.

The Challenge – On the onset of the SEO project, we noticed that the site wasn’t structurally fit for effective optimization. After the critical analysis of the website structure we came up with the conclusion that the site required to be re-structured, which wasn’t 100% possible. That was probably the biggest challenge we faced while starting off with SEO for the official website of the law firm. The site was allowed to be re-structured, although to a very limited extent, which helped us, but not to the extent we desired.  Another big challenge faced was that their site had   lots of errors and incorrect HTML, which prevents the growth of any website on the major search engines – especially Google. The textual content of the website wasn’t appropriate also! To put things in simple and crispy language, no work had ever been done for the official website of Jus Novum to get good Search Engine rankings.

Plan of Action– For all local and foreign SEO clients, we start with a pre analysis, where we learn from the client – details of their company, their services and offerings and their competitors. Jus Novum’s case was no exception. We had run a pre-analysis report, showing the site’s current state, the current traffic, link popularity, how many pages of the site were indexed etc, alongside the competition analysis, keyword analysis etc. After getting the approval of our keyword suggestion for the site we started working on 6 primary keywords.

Implementation and Work flow –

  • With the onset of the work we took a backup of all the existing pages, and started making changes for the site’s structure, according to the chalked out SEO plan.
  • The content developer at Websys worked on developing entirely fresh content for the site. The most unique thing in here is that the concerned person at Jus Novum had lent us much of her precious time to help us developing the content, and explaining us the legal technicalities involved thereby. We owe a heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the Team SEO, for her stretched out helping hands.
  • On-page was done quite effectively, keeping in mind prevailing algorithmic trend. This took us quite good volume of time to complete the entire on-page task for the website.
  • The ranking couldn’t be achieved with just well optimized content and putting effective meta attributes. The strategic plan formulated for the site’s SEO at our internal meeting was found highly effective, while on the move.
  • A round of manual link building helped us also gain relevance. Believe me… not much submissions were required. Just a set of strategic link generation plan is the secret of our success story!

Results –

It is our pleasure to say that our client currently ranks at

  1. legal outsourcing Kolkata  #2 and #3
  2. legal process outsourcing Kolkata #1 and #2
  3. legal services and solutions in India #1
  4. commercial lawyers in Kolkata #1 and #2
  5. consumer dispute lawyer Kolkata #7
  6. law coaching centers in Kolkata #7
  7. professional law firms in Kolkata #4 and #5

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