Will Google be Soaring Over Facebook ?

Google to launch a new social networking platform like Facebook called Google Me .

There is a buzz going around that Google may launch a Facebook clone called “Google Me”. The huge rumor is spread after Digg CEO Kevin Rose tweeted a few weeks ago about developing a social network by Google. Even Adam D’Angelo, founder of Q&A service Quora, claimed the news to be a real project and Google CEO Eric Schmidt hasn’t denied these reports yet. To add some more spice into it, it is heard from a source that Google is now conducting focus groups to gather information about consumers’ social habits.

According to a source, Google is asking people to conduct a small survey to verify their eligibility for a “usability study” with Google and such tipster’s study is to take place shortly at the Google’s Office in Dublin, Ireland. The duration of such study would be 60 minutes and the participants receiving 60 Euros. The questionnaires focus around and relate both offline and online life of social networking. The line of questioning also seems to reflect Google’s social strategy and analysis that was unveiled in a recent presentation by Paul Adams, lead user-experience researcher of Google.

It’s not new for Google to conduct such type of surveys before launching current or future products and so its not surprising for me. Even there’s no doubt that Google is seriously thinking about social networking. But it makes me think that, why the hell would Google try to launch a new social network when they already have Orkut? They could easily re-modify and upgrade it according to the users’ choices. What do you guys think? Though such survey does not confirm the launching of “Google Me” we all have to wait and watch what exactly the search engine giants has to offers us. We, being a provider of SEO services India, are keeping our finger crossed to see what Google Me brings in for our clients!

We will expect your comments in this regard

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    Bonnie Lindsay 11 years

    This is a very informative and interesting article.
    I use Facebook on a daily basis and have made many wonderful friends from around the world.
    I do not think that I would sign up for or switch to any other social network.

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    Mark 11 years

    Very nice post and the news worthy of reading and spare thought over! I will be at one with Bonnie, but again choose to differ from her. Facebook is social media giant and has been catering to the need of wide mass who are not only interested in networking for friendship, but also for web promotion. But I will be waiting for Google to come up and see what new we get! Google’s think tanks have lot more in their inventory I belief!

    Lets see if “Google is gonna soar over Facebook”…

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    Shifting from one social network to the other is a common practice. Incase you dig bit into the past, you may find for yourself how myspace users moved on to the facebook platform. This phenomenon occurs when they get additional features and which breaks the limitations set by the previous website.

    I would rather start with my facebook open ID to connect to the new platform if it arrives. Check out all the feature and then plan to shift over if required 🙂

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