Web Designing tid bits

Web design tid bits

With the dot com world booming high, the global business has made a drastic twist in the mode of operation. Businesses have gone online, thereby generating revenue by selling services and products to the online traffic that comes to the business websites. Hence the competition is fierce, and if you are a business you need to establish your online presence, by creating a user friendly business website in order to generate revenue by the way of generating voluminous traffic! Lot of time must be spent, lots of thoughts are to be spared over, and good deal of planning must be made before you jump in to design your business website.

Here are some tips on what all to be kept in the forefront of your mind while making your business website.
Useful graphics and stock images on your web pages make them a lot more attractive than boring textual pages. But do remember the fact they put extra strain on your pages and pushes up the loading time. Adding to many graphics and images is not a healthy either.

Some regularly followed strategies are…

1. Choose thematic colors – don’t use too many colors unless the theme really demands it.
2. Optimize images for the web – try using JPEGs
3. Gifs have always come with the “Interlace” feature. Interlaced images cause less flickering than non-interlaced ones.
5. Slicing animated Gifs makes it faster to load. Slice your animated Gifs.
6. If the page is a gallery of sorts, try using thumbnails. Large images are best if used on headers etc.
7. Scaling solid colors, without using gradients would be beneficial
8. Specify dimension – height and width.

Major search engines – especially Google tend to stress more on the loading time of your website. Lesser the loading time, better your Google ranking tends to be. At Websys, we are passionate about web design and are pride ourselves of being admired as a renowned firm doing web development in India. Give us a shout when you need to design your website and subscribe to our RSS Feed here for more tips and case studies.

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