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Why you need to start optimizing your website for Bing . Read and comment about Bing SEO.

How much do we talk about Bing SEO i.e. search engine optimization for the Bing ? Bing , as we know it is the refurbished , remodeled, re-everything from Microsoft on the Search horizon. For years Microsoft has tried to get back on the search engine game, especially since Google has started taking over the internet . Not succeeding with the decadent MSN search , the hyped , Microsoft never loosed hope. They kept coming back, and since the last year and their acquisition of Yahoo , they finally seems to be on the verge of gaining ground.

Bing as a search engine, as expressed by many experts has been in it’s experimental stage for some time. With the name of a decision engine and not just a search engine, Bing has continued to cover grounds, acquire information from the Yahoo engine and slowly but steadily started impressing people. While it is still has not crossed it’s infancy , fully, many experts still believe Bing might create quite a murmur in the coming days. Lately , Bing (aka Microsoft) , has started showing dedicated results for entertainment , music, online games and game cheats etc, which is similar to what Google started by showing company stock quotes, movie timings etc. From what i read , Bing i not just showing results they are even hosting many online games, and music and tv shows from their partner network sites to increase and show valid results for user searches – thus trying to bring in more user satisfaction and loyalty .

Not a long time ago , Bing made their unique style by displaying unique stock imagery behind the search box . This particular idea ha been quite a user favourite , evident from the fact that even Google now allows people to use a background image . All these facts are just example of how more popular Bing is becoming . As it keeps on becoming more popular and at the same time relevant, more and more traffic could be expected from Bing.

Hence it is a good time now to start thinking of Bing SEO and optimizing your website for Bing search engine.

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    Steven 11 years

    “Bing” as a search engine is evolving at a fast rate. I was simply amazed by “Bing visual search” which makes me to believe that it has an innovative approach to draw users towards it.

    Hopefuly end users will be benifited a lot by the competitive war between Google and Bing.

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