Simplicity in Web Design

Having simple web design pays off than having multiple features and a mixture of multiple design ideas. Read more to understand the differences.

We are currently living in an age where people have less and less time every day. Hence we zap through web pages anticipating to find precisely what we desire as fast as possible. Why not? There are so hundreds of web pages on every topic. According to statistics, the average web surfer gives less than 10 seconds on a web site. If 10 seconds is all you have to influence your online prospect, guess what sort of web design makes most impact? The most flashy web design? May be not. Try simplicity.
So are we talking of a crude design or no design at all Рdefinitely not. Attractive design still makes a person stop. Neither does this signify that the back end of the web site requires to be simple. You can have the most complex  content administration system; the most comprehensive feature set in your web design, but hold the front end, the interface as simple and intuitive as you can and think of usability for the surfer.
Simple can signify different things to different web designers. Many persons like fancy things. There is nothing wrong in applying with a splash of color on a web design. At the same time, avoid altering too much from the accepted paths. We all speak of change and identify its advantages but we are animals of habit and we would rather proceed along the same easy route rather search for new way of getting somewhere. This standard applies in web design. Online clients are used to navigating in a certain way. Change the way on your web design and you could make it too hard for your clients.
Keep it simple, short and familiar. While it can be useful to have a plethora of features and functionality on your own website, but maintain a balance of what is necessary for you and your users, which could easily vary from your competitor’s website users.

It is often a common practice/ demand for many of our clients of web design in India to have the exact same features he/she has seen elsewhere. It’s innate to believe that the more number of options you invest in, the more it will awe your customers. But, it is not always the case. Sometimes the simplest features, pays you back more on a simplistic approach to web design.

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    simplicity is the toughest thing in the world. I agree to what you have opined by saying… “(Simplicity) can signify different things to different web designers”. what do you have to say about Google’s design? I think its really tough to think that way.

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