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Website design for Ashwika Kapur - wildlife photographer, music producer and still young.

New website design for Ashwika Kapur

Websites for people and professionals, as opposed to websites for companies and online stores are expressions of the persons themselves. Truly speaking, we do not do personal websites as much as we would like to . Continuing to work with clients and corporate websites who outsource web design assignments, it was a breath of fresh air designing a website for a professional photographer.

Ashwika Kapur is a young creative wildlife photographer from Kolkata, India, with a variety of passions. Our work started with a brief initial discussion and a basic mock design. Even though the design was very modern , the client wanted a total redo. Being a creative person herself, she chose to guide us on the way she wanted her website to be – from the fonts on the site to the way the menu items had to come , she has been very hands on and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her. The final request , which did take some to and fro was how she wanted her photos in her African portfolio was to come across , specifically with her watermark .
Now the website is up, we look forward to any feedback you have on the current design as well as the initial mock, we really look forward to it. Visit

Mock design by Websys

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    Vamshi 10 years

    I am planning to name my daughter as Ashwika…so was just checking if there is any one with this name…to my surprise very very few and in facebook i found none.

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