Upgrading WordPress 3.0

Mock design by Websys
Website design – Ashwika Kapur
June 21, 2010
Mock design by Websys
Simplicity in Web Design
June 22, 2010

Upgrading WordPress 3.0

Upgrading to Wordpress 3.0 thelonious and going back to the default wordpress theme

Our blog looks a bit plain vanilla currently . Yes, we know that and our designers are hard at work creating a brand new wordpress template. That’s just a minor setback, but being a web development company doing several open source customization, we like to change our blog design every few days.
The good news is that we have just over the weekend , upgraded to WordPress 3.0 version (named Thelonious). The new version, undoubtedly with several brand new features and a nice looking admin interface was not a critical update but with open source scripts like WordPress , it is always better to upgrade as quickly as possible to prevent / protect your blog / website against hacking attempts quite common with mysql / XSS exploits becoming more and more rampant. If you need your blog to be upgraded , feel free to drop us a line , as our php programmers are very efficient and can help you smartly .
Currently we are using the pre-installed twentyten template which now comes with wordpress .
One of the smartest new feature in WordPress 3.0, i liked was the menu builder / menu management system. Besides this there are many more advancement such as the custom taxonomy, dynamic header, and contextual help per page / screen ( which i used to notice more in magento previously … very handy thing to have).

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