Top 10 Essential SEO Tips

Find top 10 SEO tips for your website. Get to know the first steps of doing SEO , learn SEO.

A Quick Look to Top 10 SEO Tips

To endure in the ever changing e-marketing world and get ahead in the competition, nearly every e-commerce enterprise and small business are using Search Engine Optimization techniques. While the stack of SEO tips are many, choosing the best scheme is tough, as there is no single fit-for-all technique. Ideally you should have rudimentary information of SEO and try to be equipped with the trends on this field. Here are some of the important and effective SEO tips bordered for you.

1) Before trying ANY strategy, it is advisable to know your present rank of your site.

  • Google Analytics – comes free with your gmail account . Link.
  • Statcounter – free hit counter , easy to use.
  • Alexa Toolbar and – View ranking trends and many more.

2.  Keyword consciousness is one of the best SEO tips. You may need to work on the content, HTML, image title or URLs by using apt keywords. So before embarking upon optimizing your website on any given keyword set, always remember to rethink about your target users – what they would be searching with, try to visit as many competitor websites as possible , review what keywords they are targeting.
If possible , try to take upon a small PPC campaign to see what keywords are more costly – which would in turn mean , those keywords get real customers.

3.  Creating a good Sitemap for your website will help visitors to reach to a particular web page in few clicks. Even search engine spiders will index maximum number of pages on  your site without much effort.

4.  It does not matter if your website consists of static HTML pages or Dynamic database drivem or CMS generated pages. The given URL should be sensible and easily readable. It’s suggested to create URL based on keywords to make it more SEO friendly. Take this urls of this blog for example or our website.

5.  Change or refresh the content of your website on regular intervals. Content that best recounts its service along with explanatory data & images can makes the website more useful and relevant to image searches as well.

6.  Build relevant back links to your primary pages while composing new content. It should not cross the limitations and all the internal links should be incorporated properly. In order to get backlinks , use one way directories, industry portals, client websites and any other contextual websites you find.

7.  Share and display your contact details like office addresses, phone numbers and so on in an organized way so that your user could get the proper idea of your office location and would find it easy to contact you in order to buy your product or service. If after all SEO efforts , your visitor does not find your contact details, what is the use ?
Also keeping such contact details also helps getting listed in Local directories, online yellow pages and classifieds websites.

8. Do not try to over do any SEO tricks or tips . One of the biggest mistake of rookie SEO is to not understand the proper necessity or usage of any particular activity . If ever in doubt , always look for professional help. Getting penalized by Search engines is easy and it may have long lasting effect on your search engine rankings and business from the web.

9. If you have some technical knowledge about HTML and coding , try to make your website using semantic coding – XHTML based, CSS based and w3C compliant.

10. Try to keep your content unique – while not all products and services pages can be unique , it might be more meaningful to have less number of pages than having hundreds of pages with non-unique content that already exists on other websites known to Google , Bing and other search engines, as they will probably not try to index the same on yours.

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