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Aakash Ganga Holidays is a well known travel agency and tour operator based in Kolkata . Today they are the featured client on our blog . It is not very long before, they approached us for their website design .

Like any web design project , we request various kinds of information from the client – such as their preference of color scheme, whether they have any Logo , who are their competitors and whether they also have existing websites , what are the pages and subject matter they want to have on their own website and many more. The first thing our client suggested that they being a Travel Agency offering exotic holiday tours , assistance for travelers in plane ticketing and travel packages , would like to have a very colorful and new style of look and feel. As we had also designed their logo , getting the color scheme for the website was the easy part. But to create a new type layout , we had to go through 2-3 revisions before the client finally approved . And not just approved, this time they were extremely happy – much to our satisfaction.

Completing the design was only part of the job , as the site was not just a static html website , but to be integrated in our custom developed CMS and and homepage flash banner which they could change from time to time.

Aakash Ganga Holidays is now launched and already serving clients locally and globally . We are also happy to have them as our clients for web design company India.

aakashganga holiday logo


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