SEO Case Study II – Arjunka

Finally it’s done! Thanks friends for keeping your patience in waiting for this case-study while we were busy with other projects. In an earlier blog we had pledged that in the year 2010 our plan of action would focus completion of successful projects for our Kolkata based clientele as well as building good relations with various Internet marketing companies internationally. We are glad to inform you that we have stood by our words successfully. As of now, let us look at the details of our plan of action that we undertook for Arjunka International to raise its stature in all the search engines.

Introduction to the project:

The project was for Arjunka International. The company is reputed as a best quality packaging raw material supplier of Kolkata located in Weston Street. We were requested to do entire web development for them.

Challenges in the project:

Arjunka International is in the business of finest packaging raw materials for the last seven years, yet, they lacked an online presence. It is thus comprehensible that they were losing business online. We started from the scratch, the project required designing, programming and SEO strategically planned and executed. The level of competition for Arjunka International was unknown.  There was no local listing for the site. Further, for a proper optimization of the website through the right keywords, analysis of reader friendliness and robot attractiveness were required too. To put it together, the site needed an expert touch.

The unique plan of action that we undertook:

Every site that comes to us is worked on with unique strategies and plan of actions. However, the plans are foolproof ones and are applied with clear understanding and high level of confidence and expertise.

  • Our expert SEO analysts analyzed and finalized the keywords that were to be worked on. For this we had to have sessions with the owner of Arjunka International and discussed on the web promotional strategies of the competitive sites and ascertained the keywords.
  • Not only keywords but the website as a whole was to be checked for current state of the site, amount of probable traffic and popularity of the site etc. through the application of various SEO tools.
  • Planned manual submission of the site in hundreds of directories, forums and social media was needed for generation of back links and promoting the site. A selection of relevant directories was done for this.


Once we were ready with the primary steps of our plan of action and strategies we seek client’s permission. Once it is done, we started off by making on page optimization, attached relevant content, meta attributes and keywords.

We further worked on image optimization, Meta tags and Meta descriptions, creation of relevant titles and generating sitemaps and doing local listings.

Submission to directories in a planned way was done, along with, proper utilization of the various other promotional tools for link building purpose.

The result:

All our hard work have shown good results with Arjunka International. With all the keywords it ranked in the first page of the Google search engine and acquired good positions in other search engines. Here’s a comprehensive list of the achievement of Arjunka International:

  • packaging raw materials company Kolkata – Google India – 1 and 2
  • packaging raw materials company – Google India – 1
  • packaging raw materials company Google India – 1 and 2
  • packaging raw materials – Google India – 10
  • raw materials for packaging – Google India – 2
  • packaging raw materials – Google dot com – 2
  • packaging raw material – Google dot com – 3
  • raw materials for packaging – Google dot com – 2
  • packaging raw materials company – Google dot com – 1 and 2

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