Misconceptions of SEO

How is it going guys? I am sure you are awaiting the next release of SEO Case Study of Websys, but I am sorry again for I am not done with it yet. So how did you find my post on Benefits of Twitter? Well, I have decided to put forth some common misconceptions about Search Engine Optimisation. Being an internet marketing professional for years now I have come across a set of out of the whack wrong conceptions about SEO – the subject matter.

SEO is all highly technical – Yes and no both! Just a part of the entire Search Engine Optimisation process is technical… not the whole. With experience in SEO, I think major part of SEO process demands the skill set to have a systematic approaches to optimise your website. Getting top ranks in the major search engines actually requires very little work with backend programing or HTML. Effective strides have to be made through different tactics and approaches to reach out to the right kind of audiences, which definitely requires a strong hand on internet marketing. However, SEO is a constantly evolving topic, and hence requires diligent people, who can both think in and out of the box.

SEO should happen overnight – Some of our clients ask for an overnight rise of their website across the web. SEO requires a great deal of work, strategies and implementation of the strategies, hence demands intense  labour and dedication. It may take time to get things move towards the desired direction. It is actually a continuous process with consistent effort to be laid while implementing the best suited strategy for a website to be ranked in the top results in Google. Various offsite factors is part of the total SEO plan- Google updating their index, various other directories and blogs accepting your submissions, the authority of the other websites , who may or may not link to you , change in Search Engine algorithms.

SEO is for one time – Well, this may sound weird to many people who have been planning to optimize their website. We, at Websys, make it openly evident that is not so…  the more you keep on optimizing your website, the better it stands to compete on the search engines AND remain and retain the rankings. Yes, we do sometimes may need to change our strategies as and when necessary, we do stop certain things and start new things, we do sometimes put less emphasis on on-site and more on others, but we really do not recommend on stopping an active SEO campaign. If you have really decided to take the plunge and increase traffic and improve your position on Google, Yahoo or Bing, stick to it . There are always your competitors – who will cross you the chance they get .

SEO is ONLY about bringing a website amongst the top 10 – No! Ranking should not be the only goal for the search engine optimization process. Building up the traffic strength is what website owners should aim for. This can be done only over time. If your search engine optimizer is getting you at the first page of search engines, but not increasing your traffic and inquiries or sales, then you should really reconsider what you are paying for.

You can do SEO by using a software – To be very candid, search engine optimization is not a software program’s cup of tea. Software doesn’t have logic as human brain. Since there’s no single strategy to fit all websites, hence strategies are to be developed in logical manner. This is where the role of a real online marketer comes to play. I have used entirely a different tactics to optimize and promote outside broadcast vehicles website from what I have used for promoting packaging raw materials website. SEO tools however are not unknown – there are plenty of great SEO tools, which can be used to research backinks, analyze urls, create reports, find broken links and much much more . But SEO tools however should not be used or entirely trusted to create SEO friendly pages, submit to directories and so forth.

These are just a few of the many most popular misconceptions of internet marketing and search engine optimisation. Stay tuned… up next, the case studies on recent achievements of the internet marketing department at Websys. Till then, have a great day!

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    i only use free seo tools on the internet coz there are lots of good ones out there~”-

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    my SEO tools are also free but there are SEO Tools that i bought and they are expensive.’.

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    one of the most important seo tools that you can get is keyword research and backlink anaylzer script or software'”-

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    before you buy some very expensive SEO Tools, always look for a review first before you invest on them “*:

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