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Dear  visitors, hope all of you are good. My last post on SEO Case Study has earned a pretty good amount of traffic. I am honored that our readers have gone through the first of the series. I was quite surprised to see emails requesting more SEO case studies. Well, I will surely come up with series of CS on the projects that I have been in charge of at Websys. Let’s talks about a bit different things today, such as micro blogging tool called Twitter.

So, why should you use twitter? I’ve faced questions like this a multiple times as I am part of the Search Engine Marketing industry. I thought I’d now write a post answering why I use twitter! Let me not hide and seek and be very candid… my reason of using twitter actually depends on the types of audiences I have wanted to reach. Frankly, twitter is going to hardly appeal to my school days teachers and my parents and grandparents, but might more be common among web savvy people, who have interest in staying regularly updated, web promotion professionals and news buffs !

So, here’s why you should stop by twitter while you move on with your day’s work.

Building network of followers: I would always suggest you build a sound online persona, whatever job you are into. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a owner of a company/business or an internet marketing professional like me, building up a strong network across the web is of utmost significance, if you are looking for ways to make business online. Twitter is just one of the few great platforms that can generate relevant traffic. Building a network of followers can help you generate interest. With your twitter account, if you post helpful tips, offer useful advice for free – your network of followers might turn into customers. Some might even retweet your messages , thus spreading your message to more probable customers.

Source your information on twitter: Pre Twitter era, web professionals, internet surfers used to surf the net to read blogs in hope of finding newer information, updates on various topics. Post twitter era – with the arrival of micro blogging , people who have less time to read and sometimes interests – they get to stay updated just by following news sources such as tv websites, reporters, bloggers, sportsmen, public figures and even their friends’ profiles.

Business development: Twitter has ushered in a new way of getting business and business leads. There are so many people who often update their status on Facebook and Twitter. When they are in need of a solution, they truly update their status hoping to find recommendations on service providers, product selling websites and bug fixing. I myself have done it quite a few times … when I was looking for recommendations on buying a new AC and a new 32″ Television, I got suggested some model numbers and store names. A few days back, a web design agency in London was looking for a outsourcing partner in India, and one of his friends recommended Websys i.e. us.

Branding and Reputation Management: If you are somehow related to business, chances are there you have a website or at least a blog. Alongside other online media channels like social networking sites, forums etc. twitter can be a great platform to reinforce your branding online. That is what we have found to have really clicked with twitter. Nowadays, large corporates and local service providers also have dedicated team of agents scanning twitterosphere . When I was having trouble with my ICICI account, and I vented my anger about ICICI on my twitter status – suddenly i got a more personalized reply than I managed by going through their helpline number . 🙂

Direct traffic and new visits: This is probably what you have been thinking of if you are an online business or have a website or blog! I have been working as an Internet marketing professional since years and now I am happily working with Websys. In the time, I try to post links to our latest web development projects and websites for which we have ranked #1 in Google. I have happily noticed that we generate quite a bit of traffic from these links as well.

There are obviously dozens of more reasons why should you use twitter, which I will post in another edition. Stay tuned… more information to come up in this blog and join us on Twitter here .

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    Steven Lee 12 years

    Twitter is indeed become a wide spectrum in social media network. The most important fact is followers and the more followers you have the more will be the weightage of your tweets.
    If not then try to tweet using #tag so that it can max exposure.

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    it is really hard to build massive traffic on a website. you need to promote your website by blog commenting or PPC advertising,“

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