Annual picnic at Diyara

Annual picnic at Diyara - the fun we had, the activities and food .

Hi, today I am here to share the overwhelming experience of our annual picnic trip to Wonderland at Diyara, just a few kilometers past NH6. The day was 16 Jan. We were so excited that we were making plans many days prior to the picnic. We had a lot to decide – where to go, the time, what sports equipment to take and what each would carry in their backpacks, the venue, the menu et al. It was a joint effort of all the senior executives of our office, who supervised all the arrangements from selecting the spot for picnic, arranging the vehicles to deciding on every little details important for the successful completion of the trip. All of us would however gather at one place during lunch hour and debate upon the menu of the picnic lunch. It was so much fun! You know what … the menu had changed thousand and one time before the final delicacy list was concluded. And yet there was still doubt about the menu on the minds of some of us until we gorged it all till the last morsel and certified it the best ever menu we have ever had! Ha ha ha…

The picnic spot was amidst a beautiful village thriving with natural beauties. It was “all play and no work” day for all of us. We organized games and enjoyed chatting with our fellow picnickers. We played pranks on each other and fought with them, ran, played and laughed at each other’s stupidest jokes. Some of my colleagues went out and got back with a red plastic football that toddlers play with. My God! How hard they kicked on the poor soft thing, which was too light and would go no more than a few centimeters! When bored of poking the poor football, we all went and tried making friendship with fellow picnickers just so we got to play with their cricket set. In our devious minds we knew all we had to do to borrow their bat was to challenge them to beat us in the game!

For me, it was nothing short of my school days picnic experience and I could not imagine that most of us are by now over 25 and 30 , some even married and we were no longer kids. Have you ever seen a grown up getting scared of boating in the lake? We laughed our hearts out on seeing some of our colleagues scared of getting down to row on the water. However, once they overcame the fear, all wanted to paddle more and more and we spent a large amount of time on boating. We took some rest on the shades and had our tea break. One of the best enjoyments came till the last hour on the picnic day. The amusement park which was just beside had a place called Iceland. When we entered, all we could see was a dark room with lots of shadows of people and some dim lights. Once we were all in, the disco lights came on and we could see that we were standing on a dance floor. And then without any warning we were in the middle of a snow blizzard. Ice cold snows were being hurled towards our faces and the dance music started. Can you believe it – everyone got in the groove and started dancing even while in the middle of a snow storm of sorts, forgetting the risk of the slippery floor.

By the time we came out, the evening sun had already dawned. Packing all the memories of the trip, we boarded our bus in the evening to come back home. We were dead tired, but not short of energy. Thankfully, the next day was a Sunday. We could take some much needed rest to get back afresh on Monday.

Next Monday was a rejuvenated day for all of us. All of us were back with new energy although the picnic hangover was with us all. Anyway, picnic is behind us and we are working full-fledged, have had completed some of our projects, while working on some important ones presently. Every other day a new project is reaching us with its unique needs and web strategies. You can say, we are back on track; geared up to serve you with your web development and internet marketing needs. I’ll tell you a secret, although the Websys team is constantly expanding for more website work, many of us also view this as a opportunity for having more fun on trips and excursions like this. I think next in plan is a trip to Digha.

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