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How we are progressing as a SEO company - plans, implementations, recruitment and online marketing.

As mentioned in my previous post, there have been extensive development in our SEO ivision. The year 2010 is going to be extremely vital for the company, as numerous plans have been taken up and implemented for providing  ourselves as highly developed SEO company.

With a view to widen up the operation we now have experienced and dedicated  SEO professionals to promote through Social Media channels. Now, why we have stepped forward with Social Media promotion?  Just to exploit these promotional channels as advanced and effective SEO tools, and this is how we feel we can stand out from the rest of the SEO companies in India. Social media promotion is a way you can promote your business and brand through online media channels to reach out to a huge volume of people who may be interested in what you are dealing with. It can be viewed as one of the most potent promotional strategies that can create a blast if triggered in logical way. There’s actually few better ways of promoting your website in such a low cost that can generate huge volume of traffic. If you are ignoring the efficacy of social networking or media channel promotion will not be able to make profitable business out of the website. Social Media is, hence, something that we had to spare special thoughts over. Moreover, it’s real fun to communicate with and coming across new faces on the web in order to tactically promote a website and a brand. Social Media channels may sound fluffy to business owners with old school thoughts, but it can be transformed into real benefits for your business by leveraging your sites new visitors. We just got all the members of our promotion team to post “We are hiring SEO executives” to our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and all others. Believe me… we have averaged a hike of 40% in visits per day. To end up with I would like to inform that we are freaking out for a picnic from our office and that is what we are really excited about. Stay tuned we will be posting related stuff when we come back.

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    Which one do you think is much better? E-mail Marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising. I have tried using both E-mail marketing and PPC Advertising to advertise my products and both seems to do equally well.

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