Holidays for Durga Puja

WEBSYS shall be closed for Durga Puja holidays from 25th to 29th September 2009. We wish you a Happy Durga Puja.

WEBSYS being a web design and development company from Kolkata , India shall be closed during the period of 25th Septmber – 29th Septmber 2009. This is to notify that our offices shall be closed during this social event. Email responses can be somewhat slower than normal, but it will be possible to reach us surely. All phone lines and mobile numbers should be deemed inoperative , but if you have got anything urgent , send a sms to 9831157136.

It would not be worthwhile to blog about Durga Puja unless I also given idea what it is . As many of you will know, Indians historically have been very religious people –  theoretically having over 33,000 Gods and Goddesses. Goddess Durga is one of the main deities amongst Bengalis, who symbolises a Female power who freed the earth and heaven from evil, mythologically. We celebrate her coming to earth and her stay for 5 days with us mortals – starting with MahaShashti, and bid her farewell on the Bijoya Dashami . On this auspicious day she leaves for heaven.

Beyond mythology , this time is also celebrated as one of the biggest social events. People from all parts of the country and abroad as well , come back home to celebrate this joyous occasions. Roads and localities light up in full brightness, colorful pandals and gorgeous deities. People get out in the streets to enjoy and watch all these , meet up with their friends and relatives and sit down in adda.

An excellent site for resource material on this event is at

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