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Web design in Kolkata - Why you should get a website and How Websys can help you.

How is the Kolkata Web Design market ? I have to often discuss with our business development team. Are people looking at getting websites designed by local web design companies more ? Do customers really still get confused by as to what a website can do for them and their business ? Will it help the failing business during recession times, can a professional web development team offer solutions to generate newer leads and generate sales ?

The first and foremost point here is that website is a form of Advertisement. Business’ which are controlled and operated by forward thinkers , people who have interest in leading among other business and have interest in business growth will consider such Advertisement a worthwhile expenditure.

Almost all forms of advertisements bear costs – be it in the print media such as Newspapers and Magazines . In a metropolitan city like Kolkata, cost of such an advertisement is often quite high. Comparatively, total cost of having a 10-15 page website would be lower.

And in actuality, we have been seeing more and more small to medium size business, shop owners and professionals have been finding the exposure that has been received by their competitors, who already have websites are tremendous. Some of our clients include punjabi shops, budget hotels, imported tiles distributors. In all these cases, we did not have to explain the need for a website, rather the client came with their own vision as to why they wanted a website and what they expected from it.

Not to mention, that in my last count I found almost over 300 web design companies in Kolkata and numerous freelancer web designers.  With such a high provider count , the market for web design and development surely is booming. It is only upto you , the visitor – to stop thinking and start contacting a professional web development company like WEBSYS.

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