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As a web design company , it is important to showcase your capabilities as well as freshness.  So here is the announcement 🙂 We are redesigning our own web development website. Every day we come across clients who are also seeking out website redesigning or revamping of their corporate identity online. When we help them , we take it as a challenge as well as put it through the normal process – which is identifying the need for website redesign, taking care of the issues in previous design, bringing the website with the current trends, ensuring the website is standards compliant as well as usable. Hence when it was finalized that we also needed a revamp – we did not fall behind.

Our old website or should i say the current one ( as of today ), has provided to be a great tool in advertising our abilities , displaying our portfolio and also attaining top positions in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo or Bing. However , these are the following points we ascertained which needed changed or worked upon.

  • The website did not have any white area – while colored backgrounds are nice, many people associate websites which sell packages or services with the white color or are accustomed to it. It also helps in displaying text easily.
  • The design had its uniqueness in shape , but did not allow ample space for text content. With more content writers and seo staff in our team now, this was a major demand .
  • As already mentioned , the old design has been there for almost 2 years now . So a new fresh look was very much on the cards. Our new batch of designers were waiting for such an opportunity to showcase their talents and magic.
  • The new design will also be offering easy navigability and various text links for the while site in all pages, thus making the full website more accessible and search engine friendly.
  • Along with text links, there will also be options to connect to us in various other social network and business networks.
  • An important aspect – the new website will be totally managed by a CMS and shopping cart – thus giving a total experience .

I am so excited that I can probably go on and on writing on this event / topic. But I think this is good to start with , and as the work progress or completes – i will follow it up with another post with more highlights.

If all this interests you , drop us a line and we would be most interested to talk to you about your website redesign.

Additionally, here are 2 client’s websites we recently revamped :

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