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Websys annual picnic 2008-09

Like each year , this year also we had our annual picnic during the winter holidays . It is usually the time when we have somewhat less number of ongoing web development projects .  This year we went to a new place called Sankrail , which is on the NH6 . The journey is not long , but the arrangements surprises and ups and downs do make it exciting 🙂

The main picnicing area we went to had no power source  , hence no music – can’t be having that . So all of us put in our best efforts in gather a power source from the nearest point , connecting multiple wires to play the music system. We had a brief food session followed by good number of picnic games, roaming around the gardens and also taking a short car trip to the Ganges bank , which was nearby .

Although we could have taken ingredients for cooking and have a full session, we had planned for lunch in a nearby restaurant ( very good quality good ).

While coming back , it was pretty dark but our spirits were still high and most of us joined in Antakshari.

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