Language Barrier – A Problem ?

When a UK based or US based company ( and similar) attempts to form a partnership with an India based web development company or decides to outsource specific works – often one starts thinking whether the language difference will cause a problem. India as a country has 29 states and over 17 dialects – mostly similar to Hindi or Sanskrit . The workforce consists of locales for whom English is not the First Language.
If this was a outsourcing of call center jobs or transcription work , language would probably have a major role – as both requires clear understanding of the accents, practice of speaking colloquial terms fluently and the same.
So what else could cause a problem over language ?
Emails – written communication – the sales / marketing people who receive client feedback or RFQ’s ( Request for Quote ) – should be able to clearly understand written instructions and reply with clarity and also follow basic etiquettes. What might seem trivial while writing to a friend may just work wonders to the recipient , who could be used to a friendly tone , instead of the crisp point wise replies marked with deep red .
Phone Calls – While working with a outsourcing partner, providing a phone number for emergencies may seem to be a good idea . However if this phone number happens to be attended by a non English speaking person, it will serve nothing but a source of irritation. So at the cost of being pestered ( doesn’t happen in a good working relation), one can think of giving the mobile number of a representative who can speak with clarity and patience – even if the resolution is not attained on the call in itself.
Web Page Copy – While doing website design work or web development , it is not common to also do Copy-writing, but it can be also a work which is part of the project . Now a web page copy could be something that requires a native tongue , a personal touch – which is difficult to give – unless you are in close contact with the outsourcing supplier , or unless you are acquainted with the locality and its terminology. It is very necessary that you understand what you are writing Copy for , the targeted demographics and the ideology of the business . A keen look at the basic grammar and a supervision of any finalized copy warrants a better response and results . Does it cost more – Yes , it costs more than the typical copywriting you get at 0.05p – does it make sense – Yes , it makes sense .

When you choose your new outsourcing vendor , you better make sure your outsourced partner is aware and is ready to take care of these points and probably more – and Language will not be a TRUE BARRIER .

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    Yea I am totally agree with this matter. when US or UK based company form a partnership with indian based company at the initial stage this language barrier comes across. but time spend these doesn’t become a big deal.


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    anakinskywalker 14 years

    Pligg is one of the best Digglike scripts out there imo. Too bad it’s so hard to customize the templates.

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    As a webmaster , I’m truely glad to find that another individual brought up this topic.

    All too many people don’t understand what all is involved in our industry, and I think also we’re many times underrated
    or taken for granted. Never the less I’m glad to see that you feel the same way I do , thanks so much for your blog!

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    outsourcing is always essential to businesses coz it helps reduce the cost of production-~”

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    Lens Hood 12 years

    well, outsourcing can actually save any company several million dollars because of cheap labor `*.

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