Using WordPress as a CMS

Using wordpress as a CMS , achieving low development cost with quick turnaround time, for small business websites.

Using WordPress as a CMS has been good to us and our clients . In the past 2 weeks , we have made 3 new small websites for clients based in Australia . 3 different web designs to implement and create for clients of different spheres of business – one in beauty and healthcare , a dance school and a travel agent with tours and packages .

Advantages for the client : All the clients needed was easy option to update basic changes to their website such as names of staff or products. They had their design fixed , either in PSD or equivalent or even existing websites which they wanted to be converted / handled through a CMS. WordPress provided them with this – through its Page creation or Post creation option with it’s Rich Text Editor and category creator . They did not want to further go for a customized content management system programmed for them , as the budget was low . Yet they could manage over 50 pages with set templates they never had to tinker with . WordPress with it’s plugin also proved worthy of handling image galleries as well .

Advantages for us :  Even though a full fledged CMS development project would have been more interesting , as developers , as well economically, we were quite happy to customize the existing open source application / wonder tool / WordPress and use it for regenerating all the client’s existing webpages . Our development time was less spent and quick delivery could be achieved – but we did gain lot more working experience in customizing and creating multiple Page Templates , programming different headers and sidebars for different sub sections of the same wordpress installation.

Total budget for the typical site of 20-25 pages : 700 USD , which included installation , configuration , customization of design and creation of the pages.

Total time taken : 5 days – 1 week .

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